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Wedding and Elopement Photographer

For the adventurous and wildly passionate

Colorado | Texas | Beyond


Hey there, I’m Mike!

I am a wedding & elopement photographer from Texas, but moving to Denver, Colorado in summer 2020!
I don’t enjoy long walks on the beach,
just put me in the mountains with my camera and some beautiful humans and I am in my happy place.
(Although, Chipotle and Target have a similar effect. #iknowguacisextra)

I take an unconventional approach to photographing love in all its natural glory, ugly tears and all.
I want to know and show the REAL you in photographs, and laugh our asses off along the way. No BS here.

No matter what race, gender, or preference of coffee (I’m an iced caramel latte type, go ahead and laugh.)
I will help tell your story the way that it’s meant to be; 100% Organic.

Fun Fact : I have three beautiful daughters, two cats, and am marrying the woman of my dreams.
I’d love if you took some time to get to know me better!



Invest in your love story



instagram : @mikefphotos